Experiential Analysis of
San Diego Ecology

This project focuses on the exploration of the Miramar, Kearny Mesa, and Clairmont area of San Diego. I analyzed the current urban ecological state and focused on strategies to improve the land use.

The main issue with this area was the lack of strategic use of land. My solution is a mixed-use experiential energy park that worked in conjunction with the City of San Diego’s zero waste goals.

In the new mixed-use experiential energy park, new ecologies would be integrated…

  1. Green Bridges

  2. Experiential Energy Production Parks

  3. Hiking Trails / Nature Preserve

  4. Affordable Reduced-Price Housing

  5. Noise Buffering Ecology

  6. Mobile Micro-Grid

The construction of the park would work alongside San Diego’s zero-waste goal of 2040. The Miramar landfill will change drastically with larger compost and recycling areas but smaller waste areas. Our integration technique would optimize land use efficiency and community involvement with the area.

  • Phase 1: The landfill (pink circles) remains in its original shape. The various ecologies begin to form on the outskirts of the area. To optimize land use, we will utilize the mobile microgrid (black lines) to fill the areas between the landfills for energy production.

  • Phase 2: The landfill begins shrinking due to total reduction in single-use waste. The area becomes more developed. The noise cancelling ecology (orange dots) are strategically added to act as a buffer between the airbase and housing (purple pattern).

  • Phase 3: Sections of the landfill are no longer necessary. Also, areas of the landfill such as composting are slightly relocated for the continuation of the main experiential park, which remains fluid and grows as the land changes. The green bridges (green rectangles) multiply and connect the area as the experiential park becomes an integral part of the city. Hiking trails (brown lines) begin connecting the canyon with housing and experiential parks, forming more public ecologies.

  • Phase 4: The different ecologies interconnect to form a grand public space. The landfill transforms from a once hidden eye-sore to an educational resource within the park. The use of green bridges connects the two land areas without disrupting the canyon.