Direct Deposit Express

Role Marketing Specialist Intern
Company Axos Bank
Time Summer 2019

Direct Deposit Express is an early direct deposit feature by Axos Bank which allows consumers to receive their ACH payment up to two days earlier. I conducted market research and competitor analysis to cultivate a comprehensive launch strategy for the SVPs and VPs. I then coordinated with multiple teams throughout the company over 5 months to execute the initiative.

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Direct Deposit Expresss

To differentiate our feature from other banks, we… (1) focused on convenience rather than a “get rich quick” message, (2) gave our feature an explanatory name to maximize clarity, and (3) created a consistent marketing strategy over the course of our launch. In addition, I collected bi-weekly reports from members of the team and summarized for the SVP of Consumer Deposits.

A thorough competitor analysis allowed me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of other financial institutions. See below for audience segment, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, and marketing recommendations. (Note: some content blurred out for confidentiality purposes.)

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Utilizing my knowledge in UX/UI design, I introduced an animated graphic element that visually explained the Direct Deposit Express process.

Payday moves two days earlier (Friday to Wednesday) and the confetti emphasizes the positive feeling customers feel with our feature.

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